It ain't eLearning is its not better than a tracher, watching a move or reading a book, even a interactive iBook

We have all been disappointed by eLearning

On of the things the ingénue want to do is to explore the envelope when it comes to eLearning.

We will begin with the open source Moodle platform. A plar form like this is called a Learning Managment System or LMS. The question is wether we can levarage instructional design in such a way as the subjects we chose as ingénue projects can be rendered as eLeaning in a manner that wll delight the autodidact and the polimat hidden in us all.

Welcome to the 21st century

Virtual learning 'slow starter'

Computer keyboard Virtual learning is a "cottage industry" not a "national revolution", says Ofsted The use of online materials to help students with their lessons has been "slow to take off", a report from Ofsted inspectors has said. A study of "virtual learning environments" (VLEs) found that in many schools and colleges such systems were still on a "cottage industry" scale. However where they were more developed, particularly in colleges, such services were able to "enthuse" students. The benefits to learners are so far "not yet obvious", say inspectors. The Ofsted report says that "despite expectations", the arrival of these online support services for learners was "still in the early stages of development".


ingénue eLearning goals

Our vision for delightful eLearning

Breaking the Envelope

Its more than just learning. eLeaning goes beyond mere tuittion


It must fit the learner and the purpose of the learning

Experience Joy

If it ain't a joy for the autodidact or polymath hiding within each of us its not eLearning